When will AdGuard for Linux become reality, if ever?

A question @ameshkov might answer, when using the extension for FireFox on my Linux workstation, it recommends that I use the native integration, thought it is not currently possible as it is for Windows. Especially considering how the current pandemic has given free license those people with no conscious the freedom to take full advantage and use every means at their disposal to build botnets, install malware, create huge lists of phishing domains, etc., and the fact that Linux is vulnerable to some of the techniques in use, perhaps it may be a good time. Thoughts?

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I really really wish we could do it.

We have everything what’s needed for that – CoreLibs is cross-platform and it’s even tested and developed on Linux. What we don’t have is time and the pandemic does not help with it either.

It may very much be that AdGuard Home gets proper proxy-level filtering before we’re able to develop the full-scale desktop Linux version.

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I initially responded via email to your reply, though only now was informed that it was unable to send (my setup tries over a certain period of time).


That’s very nice to know.

Regarding the rest, I fully understand and appreciate the reasoning,

As usual, I wish you, the AdGuard Team as a whole, as well as friends and family the best of health and I wish you all happiness.


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