This might be the end of filter lists

There’s no need to stay with Chrome, is there? You can use a web browser with a different engine. That should help move people away from the browser monopoly.

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I’ve been rather uncomfortable with Firefox in recent years, chiefly due to the strange gift-button in the upper right that wants to promote strange new functions that no one asked for (such as the time last year where they promoted some concert livestream that only American users had access to, or something similar to that).

It really shouldn’t have to be this goddamn complicated to remove the button in question.

That being said, yes, I suppose I have loose plans of switching to Firefox sometime in the next 6-12 months. I don’t have any haste at the moment… with the exception of the amount of access_status_violation errors in my Chrome setup having become more frequent by an order of magnitudes in the past few months (Probably not helped by how I participate in [email protected] since early April), with even a few hardcrashes that required a system restart before I could use Chrome again.

And also I can see that it’s a very bad sign for CloudFlare that they’re listed with 10,755 malware sites on the AbuseCH page at the time of writing.

Indeed. Yet it’s next to impossible to have them intervene even with such glaring evidence due to the fact that they’re not a webhost, only a DNS provider (among other things) which is the argument they use. Yet protecting malware hosts, and even helping them in their forum which, while not obvious, is apparent. Example: CloudFlare recently stopped allowing CLI for DDNS updates if the TLD behind the DDNS server is one among .tk, .cf, etc. It’s so tiny a step in the direction toward not protecting malware hosts that one would think no one would really notice, since using the GUI dash directly is still allowable for those “use-cases”. Apparently those who host malware are also fairly lazy since the outrage it inspired was far beyond what one would expect. The forum was overrun with new accounts posting threats & ultimatums regarding the commenters leaving CloudFlare. It was hilarious & very telling.

Now only show info about:

  • PiP mode;
  • notify about poor password saved in Firefox Password Manager;
  • added new safe password generator for password fields in form.