Secret developer menu messages

Every now and then, when I press F12 to open up the browser dev menu while looking for page elements to hide/block, I see that it contains secret messages written by the site devs (Either in the element filetree or the console), apparently under the belief that only serious pro coders would ever see them.

A significant majority of them are about either
A) Warnings to laymen about not inserting code into the console.
B) Promotion of job positions or bugsquash bounties.

However, one that I found on the very farmer-oriented Swedish site, seems to be what I can only assume to be a dead moose with nethers…

If anyone else among filter writers (or non-writers) stumble across other peculiar console dev messages, then feel free to post them in this thread.


I remember Polish website with hidden konami code:

:arrow_up: :arrow_up:, :arrow_down: :arrow_down:, :arrow_left: :arrow_right:, :arrow_left: :arrow_right:, :b: :a:

(without commas)

after use combination website activate retro style with green neon color for texts, black background and “Courier New” font:

demo screenshoot - this site have konami code:

Know konami code? ➡ try it on!



As seen on :unicorn::

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Have you seen any messages in the code targeted specifically at filter lists maintainers?

@Alex-302 sometimes shares them. Sometimes they swear at us, but sometimes it’s something funny.

I haven’t had the (mis)fortune of seeing messages aimed at filterlist makers, thankfully.

Social messeage:

pozdro ~ Greetings

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