Schacks Adblock Plus liste

Hi everyone,

It seems that this filter list ( has not received any updates since February. Is it alive?

@DandelionSprout, do you know the maintainer?

I have not personally acquainted him, but I understand it as such that his name is Henrik Schack and that he is very obsessed with computer security.

In particular, he seems to have silently abandoned his adblock list entirely in favour of contributing to, where he uses very pushy tactics to try to get Danish companies to apply Dmarc Reject policies on their E-mail servers to prevent impersonation phishing.

Oh, and the “Last modified” date in his adblock list shows the 13th of June 2018, such that it was recently removed from uBlock Origin (and Nano Adblocker) for being considered to be abandoned:

Got it, thank you! Time to mark it “obsolete” here too.

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