Resources for writing filters

A list of helpful resources for those learning how to write filters:

What cheat sheets or tutorials have you used to learn how to write filters?

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Love your cheatsheet, @DandelionSprout! Thanks for the concise and seemingly fairly exhaustive doc.

  • Nano Toolkit - useful for combining domains.
  • - a search engine that is useful for finding domains using the same templates (example in link)

Added both to the list of useful tools:

publicwww is absolutely awesome, it’s very helpful when you’re looking for domains using the same ad network code for instance.

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So apparently there’s also two other documentations about TPL, which on several points contradict the one I posted back in May:

The former seems particularly trustworthy, and it seems like I’ll have to read up on them this weekend because Microsoft couldn’t be bothered back in 2011 to make more easily accessible and comprehensible guides for it, let alone debugging tools or loggers.

Is a good resource for the ordering of lists, for removing or replacing specific phrases, for prefixing and suffixing individual lines in lists, and for removing duplicate entries.

It’s also got a huge amount of non-filterlists related tools that are useful.

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I used Browserling’s IP sorting tool for some months this winter, before I found something even better.

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Oooh. Nice! Thank-you very much!

Check it out

This will be super useful for my home router as well! Awesome.