Is there site search?

@cbarrett I’d make a GitHub issue if I were sure, but maybe I’m overlooking basic search functionality @ :interrobang: I checked everyplace I could think of on both the desktop & mobile versions of the site.

W/o such, it’s really too unwieldy to use @ such large size.…

Thanks for the suggestion.There are some column-level filters. So, right under the “Name” column header, for example, you can search in the list names. However, it certainly could be nice to have a generic search functionality across all list metadata.

I do have a big goal of searching within the lists as well, but that won’t be available for awhile.

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Yeah, that issue is much more ambitious than what I’d expected. Did you want that metadata search included there (perhaps as a steppingstone) or perhaps should I open a separate issue? (I don’t want it forgotten, since I’ve been thinking about asking re: such for quite a long time.)

I think a new issue for searching across all list metadata would be fine. Thanks.