I would appreciate input on a new list

Okay, this is it: - https://gitlab.com/intr0/zuckerblock/-/raw/master/ZuckerBlock
While hosts files do exist to block Facebook / Instagram / WhatsApp, this goes beyond that to include Giphy, Oculus & Libra. The repo itself is here: ZuckerBlock . All criticisms, corrections, etc. gracefully accepted. I wanted to run it by the community here before deploying a website and requesting it be added to FilterLists.com. Thank-you.

I am normally not an expert on anti-Facebook lists at all, but I felt I should at least chip in to point out that anti-Facebook regular-‘hosts’-syntax files may sadly be pretty old news.

https://github.com/AdguardTeam/AdGuardHome/blob/master/dnsfilter/blocked_services.go demonstrates how AdGuard Home can block Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp with just 14 entries instead of ~4,500.

Although their anti-company lists do not cover Giphy, Oculus or Libra (since they seem to only cover sites where people can spend significant amounts of time, with the exception of Cloudflare), this means there’s a significant potential to create an AGH/uBO/AdGuard version of your list with a mere ~25 entries instead of 4,922, plus it’d be far easier to maintain and keep up to date.

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Thank-you; I agree. It’s become quite unwieldy. I’ve just uploaded a simplified “adblock” (to use the term generically) formatted list. It’s here: https://gitlab.com/intr0/zuckerblock/-/raw/master/ZuckerBlock.adblock. I’ve had tremendous help from @TPS. :grin:

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