Hub Shutdown - End of 2020

Hi FilterLists Hub community,

The FilterLists project is a labor of love for me. I really appreciate the help of those who have contributed to the project, and I still plan to continue to develop and support the app/website as I have time.

However, I do pay for hosting out-of-pocket for this Hub forum site. Building this community is not something I personally have the time for, and the level of interaction on this site does not justify the hosting costs to me. It was always a bit of an experiment, and I think the experiment has run its course.

There are a variety of other similar online forums such as the FilterLists GitHub Issues for discussion on the app, the EasyList forums, various subreddits, etc. While I think this Hub could have long-term value, it really would require a focused effort from some dedicated maintainers in addition to a bit of funding for hosting.

At this point, I am planning to take the FilterLists Hub offline at the end of 2020. If somebody else really believes in the long-term value of this Hub and wants to sponsor the hosting costs or take it over, I am happy to consider that. Feel free to reply to this thread or send me a private message.

Thanks for understanding, and for your ongoing contributions to the community.

I suppose this was to be expected; because once Fanboy created a (sadly invitation-only) Slack group last spring for list maintainers, FilterLists Hub was pretty much done for.

@cbarrett If you’re planning to centralize @ GitHub anyway, why don’t you sign the repo up for their Discussions beta @ & per

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Great idea. I’ll look into that.