Fronttalk lists you feel should be natively included in extensions

With uBlock Origin still being in a de facto lockdown of very rarely adding new lists to it, it’s overdue to begin to keep stats on lists that you feel are/were made well enough, that they should be included in adblockers like uBO and AdGuard. Bonus points if the lists are made by someone else.

My first few fronttalkings:
Kowabit Bl*cklist. Seems to have many and unique entries, and are one of very few old-school ABP-format lists to never have received formal recognition. A drawback is that his website is only in German, despite the list being language-neutral.
Nano Defender Integration. I have reason to believe that this is one of the most popular non-included (except in Nano Adblocker) lists in existence for several reasons. Well-made, and very often maintained. A small catch that many entries rely on a companion extension.
Energized Core List. The unique non-borrowed versions of the pretty prolific Energized team. I would gladly recommend that over any of their other lists, to prevent a lot of superfluous entries.
Nano Placeholder Buster. Takes care of empty boxes that no other lists want to touch, thus freeing up a lot of place on the pages and packing page elements tighter together. Disclaimer: I’ve contributed around 75% of that list’s entries.
HpHosts EMD. A very well maintained, pretty large, and unique anti-malware list of the sort that uBlock Origin users would’ve liked to use.
I Don’t Care About Cookies. The far and beyond best list for cookie banner removals, far superior to Fanboy’s cookie list; but with two big drawbacks: It does not apply hotfixes (no matter how pressuring), and the list is pretty inferior to his extension.
Complete Mochi Filter. After people got pretty fed up with ABP Japanese Filter, this list seems like the best of the non-big-timer Japanese lists. It’s well-made, well-categorised, and greatly maintained.
Shalla Gamble Domains. Gambling is something that can ruin lives if done wrong, which the very excessive gambling ads on European TV try to get people to do. This is the kind of list that can save lives. A big drawback is that its source list’s licencing is pretty strict, normally requiring corporate users to sign a free-of-price agreement with the Shalla team, which’d have to change before this could make it into adblockers by default.

Additionally, I am fiddling with a Macedonian list based heavily on three other lists, in the hopes of tuning it for fasttracking into adblockers and to get the makers of two of those lists in on the project.

But it is borrowed:

  Merged collection of hosts from
         reputable sources.

My personal understanding based on, is that Core List forms the foundation of most of the Energized lists, which they then add others’ lists onto, except for how they use the same description inside all of their lists for unclear reasons.

I suppose the best way to resolve this would be to ask them about it:

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So it appears you’re right, thanks for checking!