Filter to allow Hub Login with GitHub


If you happen to be subscribed to Fanboy's Annoyance List and/or Fanboy's Social Blocking List, the button to authenticate to Hub via GitHub is blocked on the login modal.

This filter will override that behavior (in uBlock Origin, at least):

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I am not much of a fan or present-day user of Fanboy’s lists (though I appreciate his work on EasyList), so the problem doesn’t affect me.

I just believe he’s put too much workloads on his shoulders, most of all by trying to make EU cookie entries despite being on the polar opposite side of the planet from Europe.

It’d be better to use this rule instead:

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Ah. Nice. Thanks. Despite having worked on FilterLists for several years, I actually haven’t written many filters myself yet. Looking forward to learning. - if anybody find why uBO:

translate into:

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