Auto-updating third-party lists in AdGuard

@ameshkov I’ve been wondering about something for a year now:

How come 3rd-party lists that are loaded in AdGuard, are never auto-synced with their sources, nor are there any buttons to trigger a sync (as of AdGuard 7.1 for Windows)? That’s a feature that the other Big 4 adblockers (uBO, ABP, AdBlock) have had for years now, if not a decade.

Considering how at least 10 of my lists are updated on a weekly basis, it’s pretty problematic that AdGuard still uses list versions from back in January, unless I were to delete and re-add the lists.

This is presuming that there isn’t some kind of hidden setting, button, and/or list metadata necessities that I’ve missed out extremely hard on, that is.

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Well, actually they are auto-updated, the default update check period is 6 hours.

This button triggers the manual update check:

On the hand, at least according to the screenshot, it seems that something is broken in your case. Could you please send me the logs in DM? Tray icon -> advanced -> export logs

@cbarrett Could you turn on support for attaching ZIP files to a comment on this forum, if possible? It seems that AdGuard’s log exports are in that format, you see.

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I think I just enabled it. Try it now.

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Sorry for the late reply!

This definitely looks like a bug to me:

Ah, that explains it.

(I did of course wonder about when I’d get a reply, but apology accepted.)

Nice try trying to promote cracks of a program, in a thread where the technical chief of said program has posted, mr. “”""“AaronYan”"""" bot.

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